When she awoke there was darkness all around her. Nothingness. But far off in the distance she saw a light. With nothing else to guide her she walked towards that light. Slowly at first, unsure of her footing and so unnerved by the darkness that she would only make small deliberate steps, but as time wore on her uneasiness with the place she found herself in spread, she could feel the dark creep across her skin, shiver it's way up her spine, and ween it's way into her thoughts. As the light seemed to grow no closer she increased her pace. First to a brisk walk, but as her discomfort grew so too did her pace. Soon it was a jog, then an all out run.

She spent years running toward that distant light, trying to escape the surrounding darkness. As time marched on her pace took a toll, it wore on her. Her knees began to crack with each stride she took; her breathing grew heavy and laboured, and her eyes grew weary in the darkness. She slowed down, just a little at first. But the darkness was unchanging, and what was once an all out sprint became a jog, then a brisk walk, before finally returning to a slow, deliberate step.

An unknowable amount of time passed like this, With nothing but darkness and a distant light to guide her. Until one day, that light blinked out.

After all that time she was again alone in the empty darkness.

A song for your troubles.