It was a still summers day when you blew into my life. I saw you coming, I saw the ripple in the crowd as you made your way towards me. I should've known better, I should've heeded the signs and gotten out of the way. But I didn't. And so we met, and like a spec of dirt circling the drain I slowly grew closer to you, until before I knew it I'd been swept up in you. Before I knew it I was in love with your eyes, your smile, and the sound of your laugh.

But like all hurricanes, there was an inevitability to the outcome. An outcome we both knew was coming, Just as I had seen you coming, I knew too that this storm was only blowing one way, that it only had one outcome. But sometimes you just have to let a tradegdy play out; and so like a fool I stayed put, and waited patiently for it's arrival, never truely believing that it would land until it did.

Of course once you're in the heart of a storm there's not much you can do but keep your head down and wait for it to pass. So that's what I'll do. I'll work, and I'll run, and I'll occupy my time with the monotony of life, and I'll wait.
I'll wait until the rain subsides. I'll wait until the clouds part. I'll wait until the wind releases me from it's grasp and lets me fall back to the earth.

And once I've landed, I'll survey the damage and begin the tedium of repairing my broken heart. Because some lessons have to be learned the hard way, some storms can only be endured, and some people can't be loved.

A song for your troubles.