I'm not that guy,
the one that broke you.
The one that promised you the moon,
but forgot your birthday,
That guy that said he loved you,
but meant he loved that you loved him.
That guy who was interested in you,
but only when people were watching,
The one who's affection
left an emptiness in your eyes,
a hestitation in your words,
a restraint in your actions.

I'll let go,
and I'll move on,
I'll do the things you've asked me to do,
because you've asked me to do them.
But I won't stop caring for you.
I don't know how to,
it's not something I can turn off.

But I'll live a life without you,
and with time I'll forget you,
But my compassion for you won't wane,
No, Only my memory of you will.

The wound you left won't heal,
But one day I might just forget it's there.

You're Gone